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Creative Spaces: Why My Writing Room Is (Nearly) Empty

White modern writing desk and chair in Victoria Kelly's creative space
Creative Spaces - My Writing Room

A well-thought-out creative space won’t magically transform your writing – but it will help get you into the coveted “writing zone”. Setting up an inspiring creative environment can trigger your brain to stop thinking about everything you’ve left behind when you walk into the space, and start thinking about books, and writing, and words.

Setting up the right writing space kind of like forming a new habit (which science says can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days). When you do the same thing over and over again, it forms new pathways in your brain. And when you sit down in the same comforting writing space each day, it helps get you into a writing mode. Every time you sit down to do it, it will be a little easier.

Everyone’s creative space will look different, but most writing rooms fit into one of two categories:

Minimal Creative Spaces

My brain thinks better when there’s no clutter around me. If there’s laundry to be put away, or a wrapper to be thrown out, I can’t focus on writing no matter how hard I try. That’s why I write in a nearly empty space – a small room off the bedroom. In my office, I have just four items: a desk, a desk chair, a sleek armchair, and a little white side table. That’s it. I like white walls and white furniture and a lot of sunlight. Is it stark? Yes. Would a lot of people hate it? Yes, but I love not having distractions. It calms my mind. On my side table, I’ll usually put a candle or a diffuser and a book to inspire me that day (I like reading before I start writing). On my desk, I just have my laptop and my mouse (because I’m one of those people who just can’t write without a mouse). My office has a tiny cubby where I store all my favorite books, and I like being able to close the cubby door when I want to.

Cozy Creative Spaces

There are a whole lot of people who like to feel cozy when they write: a fluffy chair you can sink into (with at least one pillow), a not-too-bright lamp, a soft rug, and always a cup of coffee or tea nearby. Cozy creative people love having stacks of books all around them, and artwork that inspires them on the walls, and warm throws around the room. Cozy writing spaces have lots of bookshelves (full of books and trinkets that bring back memories), photographs, and nooks. There’s a very “British library”-like feel to cozy creative spaces.

What does your dream creative space look like?

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