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Empire City by Matt Gallagher

In Matt Gallagher's riveting alternate history, three decades after a victory in Vietnam, the United States is at war again. Super soldiers known as the Volunteers -- the products of a government experimentation plan to establish elite fighters -- wait for deployment orders in a place known as Empire City.

In Empire City, the Volunteers meet a group of civilians who know about the experiments, including Sebastian, a young bureaucrat, and Mia, an ex-army pilot. When a retired general who wants full military control becomes the frontrunner in the race for U.S. president, Gallagher's characters face the ultimate moral struggle.

Why I Loved It: I love Matt Gallagher's writing -- he never disappoints. Tim O'Brien said it better than I could: “A passionate, scary, wise, and perhaps even prophetic novel.” An enduring book brimming with originality.

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