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Four Books to Move Your Soul

When you need to reset your soul and remember what truly matters, these four books should be on hand on your bookshelf:

Devotions by Mary Oliver

This highly curated selection of Oliver’s poetry spanning more than five decades of her literary career is a breath of fresh air in a world of too much screen time. This book makes you rejoice in the natural world and the miracles of the unseen. Here is one of my favorites, “The World I Live In”:

I have refused to live locked in the orderly house of reasons and proofs. The world I live in and believe in is wider than that. And anyway, what’s wrong with Maybe?

You wouldn’t believe what once or twice I have seen. I’ll just tell you this: only if there are angels in your head will you ever, possibly, see one.

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A Return of Love by Marianne Williamson

When I first picked up Marianne Williamson’s classic a few years ago, I wasn’t fully ready to embrace her words without judgment and skepticism. Now, I see them as life-changing. This isn’t a “woo woo” book – it’s a guide to accepting God and expressing love in our daily lives – from how we approach relationships to how we work and pray. This should be required reading.

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The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto

Using high-speed photography, internationally renowned Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them. He found that water from clear springs and water that has been exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns. In contrast, polluted water, or water exposed to negative thoughts, forms incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors. This is one of those books that has you asking, “Is this real? It can’t be true.” But it really is.

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All That Is Made: A Guide to Faith and the Creative Life by Alabaster Co.

If you haven’t heard of Alabaster Co., you’re missing out. This company creates books that combine the visual and the spiritual in a spectacular way. All That Is Made discussing the act of creating as something from God, how we contemplate mystery and beauty, and how we keep gratitude a priority. This slim, visually-stunning volume is a must-read for every creative person.

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